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Timely and Effective Change Management Deployment

Successful change management begins with timely and effective Change Management deployment. Planning Sessions should be implemented at the very beginning of every project to assist with creating detailed and strategic plans for both the technical and change management efforts. 

 Implementing and deploying a successful change management program is no easy task. No matter how big or small the change, it is important to provide an adequate amount of time for planning, deploying and validating change management efforts in advance of a mass migration.

 It is imperative for the Project Team to carefully identify the impacts of Change Management that require long-range preparation and include these items into the Project Plan and ensure they can be delivered on. Change Management deliverables, at a minimum, include:

  • Defining Change Management Success
  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Development of a Comprehensive Training Strategy
  • Building a User Satisfaction Surveying Plan
  • Address Ongoing Change Management Efforts (post-migration)


I encourage you to start your change management work as early as possible, it can often be initiated and completed – ready for delivery – prior to the technical efforts starting, it's actually never too early as the need for change management is triggered by the very first rumor of the change.


Be sure to assess whether you are rushing change management and whether or not your goals are realistic.  Planned change management will allow you to include specific tasks and events that are appropriate for each stage in the change process and a carefully planned approach to change reduces stress, anxiety and encourages greater adoption and consumption. 


Conversely, when there is no sense of urgency for deploying change management, projects can take longer to implement, and deadlines can begin to shift causing unnecessary pressure to act quickly in the final moments. This in return, undermines the investment being made towards Change Management efforts.


If you find yourself unprepared for a successful rollout, Enabling Technologies is here to help!


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