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A More Effective Web Chat Experience

Provide a more effective web chat experience for your customers and associates

Whether you are interacting with customers or servicing business associates through technical support, having the ability to proactively engage in an expedient chat messaging session is a faster and more effective method for delivering a more worthwhile experience.   Anticipating FAQ’s to offer proactive assistance whenever and from wherever has demonstrated that customers are 5X more likely to purchase products or services and enable your agents to service more customers in less time.  By adding multi-channel capability to the chat session takes this experience to the ultimate level to deliver happier customer experiences and enable business associates to be more productive.  

Enabling Studio for your web browser or Microsoft Teams is the next evolutionary agent interface for customer service and integrations to service desk back office applications.  Enabling Studio extends traditional AI bot-building capability beyond the software developer to empower key departmental stakeholders to customize and optimize the web chat experience with customers that align with business process workflows.  Finally, there is now a user-friendly interface that makes everything from configuring intents and dialogue conversations seamless and more intuitive.  

The Enabling Studio Dashboard will provide real-time optics for queuing a team of agents to collaboratively answer chat requests, enable active conversations to be displayed in a tabbed interface, and collect information about the web visitor for analytics reporting.   Enabling Studio provides a robust set of reports to gauge ROI, performance metrics, and customer satisfaction results to increase sales and improve customer retention.  With the importance on compliancy and security, Enabling Studio will meet data and privacy protection rules.  

In the near future, Enabling Studio will be able to integrate with applications like Service Now, CRM Dynamics, and other 3rd party applications to provide a fully customized multi-channel chat interface to offer web visitors and end users a more expedient and informative experience.  Harness the next generation power of Enabling Studio web chat to gain an undeniable competitive edge and achieve superior customer satisfaction.   Take a test drive for free!  For your free trial:

Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.

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