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Adoption in a Box - Organizational Change Management

Change management...are you overwhelmed by just those two words? We understand the anxiety and challenge that surface with the use of words like "Change Management" and "adoption". There is no doubt that Change Management is a necessity, but how do you find balance between the project deliverables and Change Management deliverables? Often times, organizations never find that balance.  

Investing in Change Management is a commitment both financially and culturally – it’s not enough to just develop a Change Management strategy, organizations must learn to execute flawlessly on that strategy. There are so many change methodologies out there…where does a leader or organization start?  

The concept of Change Management isn’t the challenge, understanding how to approach strategy development and execution are the biggest obstacles. Most leaders can generally agree that there’s a need to: 

  • Communicate information about the pending change 
  • Present the change in a way that appeals to people, generating a yearning to adopt 
  • Prepare and empower people to adopt the change by educating and training 
  • Reinforce the change to magnify the return on investment long term 

What if Change Management strategy development and execution planning were straightforward, painless to deploy, and adaptable - regardless of the type of change? Enabling’s Adoption in a Box program is just that. It’s consumable, easy to understand, simple to apply and most of allversatile. 

Enabling’s team of Change Management experts have implemented developmental, transitional and transformational change.  

  • Developmental: Process improvement and efficiency 
  • Transitional: Replacement of existing processes and procedures 
  • Transformational: Introduction of cultural initiatives, new products or services and restructuring 

Enabling’s Adoption in a Box program provides three options for customers and removes the guess work by guiding organizations through the process. Explore Adoption in a Box here. (add link to adoption in a box on the website or a visual of the flyer) 



Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.

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