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Audiocodes M2600 Upgrade Issues

I recently ran into some issues with an AudioCodes HA Pair of Mediant 2600 SBCs following a firmware upgrade.

The 2600 pair was originally running version 6.80A.306.006. The unit was first upgraded to 6.80A.346.005 and then upgraded to 7.00A.117.003 (per Audiocodes recommendations). The upgrade seemed to go well, but after the fact some of the web user accounts were noticed missing. We are currently reviewing that issue with AudioCodes, but root cause has not yet been identified. Keep this in mind when upgrading to v7.0, ensuring you have a good backup before upgrading. We will be following up to the post once we have more information.

Another issue was discovered while running 7.00A.117.003 following the upgrade. The goal was to add additional configuration to the production unit, so I backed the unit configuration up before adding the new configuration. I proceeded to add new IP interfaces, SIP Interfaces, Proxy Sets, IP Groups, etc. Once this configuration was added and burned to the unit, we had noticed outbound calls were failing. We quickly removed the configuration believing it had caused the outage, however we still experienced the failure after backing the changes out. A reboot of the 2600 pair seemed to resolve the issue, but others were soon discovered. I noticed errors in Proxy Sets, IP Groups, and IP to IP routing tables (highlighted in Red). I checked the backup config file that I had generated before making changes, only to notice that the file was corrupt. “Routing Policy” entries, “Source IP Group” field entries, and “Source IP Group Field” entries were corrupted, and the IP Group was missing the Proxy Set binding. When trying to select the proper “Source IP Group” to fix the rules, the appropriate designations were not available.

I also noticed that the rule names had “forward slashes” (“/”) splitting up the name (e.g. Skype for Business / SIP Trunk). Once I removed the “forward slashes” from all of the names in the 2600 config, I was then able to select them and fix all of the rules that were broken following the upgrade.

After reviewing with AudioCodes, they confirmed that the “/” in the rules is parsed differently in v7.0 and later, compared to v6.8 and earlier, and is the offending character that caused the corruption of the config files following the upgrade.

Lessons learned:

  • Before upgrading a Mediant, backup the unit by exporting the config file. Check the config file for any anomalies, (e.g. forward slashes in names, missing entries in rules, duplicated entries in rules, etc.).
  • Check the web interface for forward slashes in name of rules and remove. I ended up using hyphens for separators instead
  • Check the web interface for anything outlined in red. This was a clear indicator to me that something else had happened after the reboot
  • In addition to adding addition administrators to the web users table, ensure you have an “Administrator / Admin” account still active and know the password before upgrading. This way if the user table is lost, you can still access the unit

Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.

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