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Breaking through Windows 10 Compatibility Roadblocks

With Windows 7 at the end of its supported life in January, what are firms with incompatible apps to do? Even though Microsoft touts 99% compatibility with Windows 10, there are line of business apps that cannot be installed on Windows 10 (i.e. pathology/radiology apps in healthcare, control systems in manufacturing).

First, work with the vendors and if they still have no plan to support Windows 10. If they have no plan, contact Microsoft FastTrack Desktop App Assure who can work on your behalf to either make it work or get the vendor to change their mind/support it to work with Windows 10. That’s included at no cost as part of the enterprise agreement with Microsoft.

If that turns out to be fruitless, the options include:

  • Paying MSFT for extended security support. That average is $25/device/year.
  • Moving to Windows Virtual Desktop (preview
  • Refactoring/changing the apps to a version that’s compatible with Windows 10

Windows Analytics can also to shed some light on unsupported apps’ compatibility with Windows 10. Analytics is a service that runs in Azure, ingesting info about apps and drivers on your organization’s Windows machines, then assessing and comparing with other organizations’ data. If your app is rarely used, you may find that someone else is using it, or they may be using similar drivers that your app uses to communicate with the OS. Analytics may show that such drivers and low-level APIs are actually known to work with Windows 10. In addition, once deployed, Analytics tracks device health, upgrade readiness, and compliance. You can read more at In other good news, Windows Analytics data is excluded from Azure Log Analytics charges.

Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.