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Data Doesn't Lie

Without a strong Change Management program users struggle to adopt new technologies!

Through our many change management engagements, Enabling Technologies Corp has noted clear parallels between application of a strategic organizational change management campaign and high user satisfaction – ultimately leading to true user adoption and consumption of new features.

Below is a look at four recent groups of surveys completed for customers, each from different industries. Half implemented a full change management strategy, and half did not. See below:

Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction.png

User perception of new solution quality



*At Enabling Technologies Corp, we leverage Microsoft’s NSAT scoring system, metrics designed to provide an unbiased evaluation of user satisfaction.  NSAT is based on defined multiple choice responses to remove any survey subjectivity.


Results show that without OCM IT projects struggle with ratings of 110 and 122 (Requires Action and Needs Analysis).

With OCM IT Projects receive “World Class and Very Good” user satisfaction ratings of 150 and 148!  Data Doesn’t Lie!


A winning change management program = strong user adoption. Strong adoption = full return on investment. Enabling’s dedicated Organizational Change Management practice is here to help with strategic and effective offerings to ensure your next deployment is a hit with users!  Contact us today at OCM@enablingtechcorp.com.



Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.