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Energizing Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

We spend quite a bit of time-sharing knowledge, experiences, testimonials, best practices and lessons learned through our blogs, but today we’d like to share a different narrative… Our own.

At Enabling, we know firsthand the importance of providing employees, especially remote workers, an innovative platform to get work done. With an entirely remote workforce, teamwork and accessibility are paramount to our success. Even though our entire team is dispersed throughout the United States, we operate more ‘in-sync’ as a team than any other organization I’ve worked for. We learned quickly that communicating and collaborating are at the crux of our success as individuals and an organization. Microsoft 365 provides our employees, and organization a single platform for teamwork and collaboration that fosters flexibility and productivity.

We can trust that no matter what device we have access to or where we are working, if there is an Internet connection, we can get work done. Microsoft Teams has really enhanced the overall teamwork experience since we have full telephony, meeting, chat, presence, app integration and collaboration capability – in a single tool.

We leverage presence to dictate how we communicate or interact with each other. We can initiate ad-hoc meetings at the touch of a button, allowing us to problem solve, troubleshoot and engage on a whim. The mobility features provide us everything we need from documents to meetings and email at our fingertips.

Here are some other ways we’re using M365 to manage and grow our business:

  • M365 E5 Licensing allows us to secure our identities, data, devices, apps and infrastructure, from the client operating system to cloud-based services beyond Microsoft
  • Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business provide meetings, chat, calls, collaboration, document sharing and file storage in an environment that is secure and governed to protect our data
  • Delve helps us answer questions like: Who is John Smith? What is he working on? How does he fit within the organizational hierarchy?
  • Stream allows us to organize, store and share recorded webinars, videos and quarterly all-hands meetings to improve knowledge sharing across our organization
  • Dynamics 365 and the integration capabilities allow us to track, monitor and report on sales and marketing activities that help us manage our business
  • Planner is used to create, assign and track tasks across the organization providing an organized project with an accountable delivery team
  • Mobile Apps give us peace of mind and the ability to continue accessing information and collaborating even while on the road

…and that is just a start to how our team benefits from this platform.

Simply put…It’s how we work, but don’t take it from me, here’s what our team has to say:                              

Teams helps me stay connected and engaged with my coworkers (and customers), no matter where we’re located. I enjoy relationship building and am thrilled with the features Teams brings to the table, to engage workers from all generations. Not only do I have every communication option available in one single tool, but I can choose the method that works well for my co-workers without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the experience. Teams has furthered the already rich culture of our organization by allowing us to support each other and share knowledge effortlessly.” – Adoption and Change Management Specialist 

"I use Teams every day to manage all of my real time communications and quick access to my most important files. I now have a single app that I can use to communicate, join meetings, manage calls, and share files or my desktop with my team, other employees, or customers from any device, anywhere there is an Internet connection. Teams is the only app that I absolutely need to have available in order to successfully execute my duties." -Technical Team Lead

Teams helps me connect and collaborate with key members of our organization, even though we are a remote workforce, dispersed across the country. Having one portal to make video calls and share ideas, documents and presentations both internally and externally allows us greater availability to support our peers and customers.” – Cloud Strategy Advisor

“Whether working with people in my home office or with clients half a world away, Teams provides a shared workspace allowing us to collaborate on presentations, chat in real-time to solve issues and host meetings all in one central location. -Director of Technical Services

“As a remote user Teams gives me the ability to interact with external customers, partners and internal resources efficiently and effectively. The ability to leverage any endpoint (iPhone, Android, Laptop) anywhere with an Internet connection encourages communication and offers flexibility. The ability to access internal corporate resources from anywhere with an Internet connection allows for backend administration, customer updates and real time information to manage our business.” - Director of Managed Services

"There are many features I appreciate about Microsoft Teams but the ability to collaborate on, and update documents efficiently is imperative. l also love how you can show your personality with GIFs, making my workday more enjoyable." -VP of Marketing


Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.

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