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Ignite Updates for Azure Security, Governance, Migrate

Here is a summary of some of the major and most interesting updates for Azure IaaS and PaaS offerings.  There were so many large and small updates and announcements at Ignite.  These were the most interesting updates that I got excited about.

Azure Arc

Azure Arc was created to extend Azure Resource Manager beyond Azure to help govern and operate disparate environments.  Azure management tools can be used for any infrastructure for unified management, governance, and control across clouds, datacenters, and edge.  This gives a seamless look and feel that they are all just Azure Resources.  This also provides unified auditing, compliance, and RBAC.

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Azure Migrate

  • Central hub for all migrations to Azure for servers, databases, applications, and data
  • Azure App migration experience included
  • Agentless deployment. Single server can now manage up to 35K servers
  • Agent-less application dependencies for VMWare
  • Support for other cloud providers, including AWS and Google Cloud Provider

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Azure Bastion is now generally available

Bastion allows for a complete PaaS service that replaces jump box servers and provides more secure and seamless RDP and SSH access to VMs in Azure directly through the Azure Portal via your web browser without any public IP address requirements

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Azure Cost Management

  • Cost Management for Cloud Solution Partners. This will allow partners like Enabling Technologies to assist in monitoring your cost analysis and help create budgets to provide optimization for resources

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Azure Governance

  • Azure Policy for Azure Key Vault. Enforce restrictions on keys, certificates, and other features
  • Microsoft Assessments. Cloud journey tracker and governance benchmark assessment
  • Subscription tags. Apply tags at subscription level
  • Custom RBAC support for Management Groups


Azure Monitor

  • Network Insights for better diagnostics and metrics for troubleshooting Azure virtual networks
    • Future plans to have monitoring and insights available for all Azure services
  • Cross-tenant support for partners via Azure Lighthouse
  • Metrics and alerts can be set against resource groups now
  • Application Change Analysis to view changes that occurred with your applications
  • Lower cost option for bulk data with pricing tiers starting at 100GB per day
  • Hybrid Containers support

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To hear about all the major announcements from Ignite please attend our webinar on Thursday Nov. 14th at 2pm ET:  Ignite Debrief Webinar Register here!


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