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Microsoft Endpoint Management News from Ignite

Embrace modern management to manage and secure your devices with the unified Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Ignite - Day 2: 

Another humid day in Orlando and I have walked so much my feet feel like they are about to fall off. But it is a small price to pay to be able to bring you the following highlights from today's sessions:

Microsoft Endpoint Manager:

Microsoft showed off some of the upcoming changes and improvements to the Endpoint Manager available in the Microsoft Admin center. Some of the upcoming features include:

  • Ability to "Cloud Attach" SCCM managed PCs without the need to apply Intune licensing
  • SCCM and Intune managed PCs can be managed from a single interface
  • User Experience Score (Similar To Microsoft(Secure) Score or Compliance Score) will provide a scoring system based upon the perceived End User experience with their PC endpoints. Some of the metrics provided are average boot time, disk space, etc.

The impression that I got from this was that SCCM wasn’t going anywhere and Microsoft is setting it up so that organizations can continue to use both solutions at the same time while streamlining the Admin experience to a single interface.

Windows Autopilot:

Microsoft showed off some of the new and upcoming enhancements to Autopilot:

  • Coming next year will be the availability to Hybrid Azure AD Join devices by pushing down a VPN application and settings so that the machine can VPN into the corporate LAN and complete the on-premises AD Join during the OOBE. Currently for the Hybrid Azure AD Join feature to work, the PC must have line of sight to the DC meaning it must be reachable on the LAN.
  • Better reporting and diagnostics on the Autopilot process, Admins will be able to see the status of Autopilot deployments, failures and more detailed information on why failures occur and how to resolve issues.
  • White Glove deployments - Machines can be pre-staged by the help desk, all the apps and configurations can be loaded onto the PC and then handed off to the end user, so the end user has a shorter and better streamlined Autopilot experience.

Microsoft Threat Protection:

Microsoft provided a demo of the upcoming release of Microsoft Threat Protection. It will be a single pane of glass providing insights, alerts, issue tracking, Automatic Remediation, and much more. Clients that have CAS, AAD, ATP can view and manage security information in a single portal as opposed to the many portals they must manage now.

Look for more updates and information as the week progresses and attend our upcoming Ignite Debrief 30 minute webinar for all the major announcements:

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