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Microsoft Phone System - Access Voicemail Greeting for Phone-Only Users with Yealink Phones

I recently worked with a client moving their users from an on-premises PBX to Microsoft Skype for Business Online Phone System. Most users were using the Skype for Business “thick” client on PCs, however there were also a number of “phone-only” users that do not run the client on a PC – they only have a desk phone  

The issue I ran into with the phone-only users was being able to customize their voicemail greetings directly from the phone. Natively, the phone can call voicemail and check messages, but there is no option once dialed in to voicemail to “back out” or access the voicemail customization menu.  

PC users who are utilizing the Skype for Business “thick” client (or Microsoft Teams) have the ability to change their voicemail greeting as follows:  

  1. Sign into Skype for Business thick client with the user’s credentials (or Teams client if using Teams only for Enterprise Voice) to customize the voicemail greeting for each user.   

Skype for Business and Teams Voicemail Greeting Customization


Skype for Business Voicemail Greeting Customization    Teams Only Voicemail Greeting Customization 


Yealink Phone-Only Users - Voicemail Greeting Customization 

In order to provide Skype for Business Online phone-only users with the ability to change their voicemail greeting via the phone, I discovered a configuration method on Yealink T4x phones that allowed me to achieve this capability. NOTE: Other vendors are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the issue. The following steps outline how to create a contact object in the Yealink phone and assign it to the “Change Voicemail” URI: 

  1. Setup a contact object in the Yealink phone that directs the user to the voicemail greeting customization menu directly.  
    1. Login into the Yealink phones Web interface 
    2. E.G. - 


  1. Select the “Directory” tab and go to “Local Directory”. 


  1. Create a new contact object as follows: 
  • Click on “Add”. 
  • Group: Favorites or All Contacts 
  • Name: Voicemail Greeting: 
  • Replace the username above with your sign-in address/username, for example, “;opaque=voicemail;local-resource-path=greeting 
  • If you prefer to have this option show up on the main screen of the Yealink as a favorite, assign this object to “favorites”. Otherwise add the object to “All Contacts” and the object will show up under “Contacts” -> “Local Directory” on the device.  
  • Note: You can also import/export contact files in either XML or CSV format. 
  1. Your contact object should now show up on the Yealink phone. Click on the contact to place a call and change voicemail greetings.


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