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Microsoft Teams Training Resources

Teams Training Resources

You’ve been using Microsoft Teams. You think you know Teams? But have you used Teams’ built-in training resources? Most users are unaware that Teams comes with built-in training resources that cover the gamut from how to set up a meeting to collaborating on files and running Microsoft Live Events. Just enter “/help” in the chat window at the top of any Teams page to unlock this rich collection of training content.

/Help for Microsoft Teams help

Help is divided into four parts: Topics, Training, What’s new, and About. Let’s look at Topics first. This covers Live Events, Planning Meetings, Joining Meetings, content for Teams Admins, Popular topics and the ability to Browse through other topics like Basic Teams functions, Teams and Channels, Meetings, calls and Live Events, Chat, Notifications, Files and Apps and Services.

Topics Help in Microsoft Teams

Why not get started learning how to Create instant Meetings with Meet now? Most options include a short video almost all of which are shorter than two minutes. The videos are usually associated with a text description as well under “Try it!

Meet Now in Microsoft Teams

Or explore the complete range of Teams features in the Training tab. There are over 40 videos in this training collection few of which are over two minutes in length so easy to consume in bite sized pieces.

As in Topics, Training nuggets include video as well as narrative text.

Training Microsoft Teams

Training in Microsoft Teams Continued

Finally, keep up with the latest Teams feature releases in “What’s new.” The platform changes pretty frequently so its important to keep up with the latest releases.

What's New with Microsoft Teams

At Enabling Technologies, we’re working with Teams every day. If you have a question or need some help let us know.

You can also view our on demand video about Teams Governance and Working from Home with Microsoft Teams Here.  Or Microsoft Teams Security Here.


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