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Must Read if Using DirSync or Azure AD Sync

Organizations still on DirSync need to migrate to AAD Connect by 12/31

Earlier this month Microsoft ceased support of DirSync, continuing to move forward with Azure AD Connect.  Organizations still on DirSync need to migrate to AAD Connect by 12/31, because at that time, Azure AD will stop accepting connections from the now defunct DirSync and Azure AD Sync.  That’s no idle Y2K type threat, because for organizations still using DirSync, users will no longer be able to log on to Office 365.

Azure AD Connect has been around for two years, and migrating to Azure AD Connect is rather simple.  Since it impacts such important functionality, the upgrade shouldn’t be taken lightly.  The set of instructions can be found here,

Note, if using ADFS for sign on to Office 365, users would still be able to log in, but objects in the AD would no longer sync using DirSync.  Similarly, using MIM will still sync users to Azure AD, but it’s feature development has been frozen.  That is aligned with Microsoft’s direction to innovate and support Azure AD Connect as the going forward solution for both SSO and directory synchronization. 

In summary, a move to AAD Connect ASAP is prudent.  If assistance or a second set of eyes are desired, feel free to reach out to for Q&A or advice on the tech steps or user experience

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