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Polycom VVX – SFB Online w/ Local Provisioning Server: Disable Auto Update

I recently worked with a client who was using Microsoft Skype for Business Online Phone System with Polycom VVX and Trio series phones. We deployed a local provisioning server on-premises which was responsible for pushing out configuration and firmware to both the VVX and Trio phones. We ran into an issue where VVX devices would connect to the provisioning server via DHCP scope options and obtain the global configuration file and firmware update (if required). However, after some time the VVX phones would contact Microsoft Office 365 and “upgrade” the firmware from the version we had on the provisioning to a different firmware version. After this “upgrade” occurred, the phones would stop obtaining the configuration from the local provisioning server, which led to experiencing other anomalous issues and behavior.

In order to resolve this issue and disable auto-update from Office 365, the following configuration items had to be added to the “global” configuration file for VVX:

device.set="1" device.prov.lyncDeviceUpdateEnabled.set="1" device.prov.lyncDeviceUpdateEnabled="0" lync.deviceUpdate.popUpSK.enabled="0" lync.provisionDeviceParams.enabled="0"

In this particular case, the items in bold were added as they were missing from the original global configuration file. After making these changes, we reset the VVX phones to factory defaults to clear out any changes or cached settings. Once the VVX phones booted, they received updates (configuration and firmware) from the local provisioning server, and never contacted Office 365 for updates, etc. again. All other experienced issues were resolved as well. Contact Enabling Technologies for all your Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business needs!

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