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Security Trends Plaguing Organizations in 2018

Two security trends have been plaguing organizations throughout the first half of 2018. Highlighted are Enabling Technologies and Microsoft’s solutions to mitigate these problems.


1.  Ransomware. Chinese shipper Cosco had to completely “shut down all networks for its offices in the United States and seven other countries.” Servers should be backed up using Azure Backup or Azure Site Recovery, and protected with current patches and MFA. Finally, Azure Advanced Threat Protection should be monitoring logins and activities on servers, detecting anomalies, and alerting admins to intervene before attackers lock the hard drives. This comes in two forms: Advanced Threat Analytics, part of EMS E3, and Azure Advanced Threat Protection, part of EMS E5, essentially a cloud version of ATA.

2.  Cryptocurrency mining. Criminals have two ways to make money from the multitude of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Every time their computers are involved with authenticating a crypto transaction, they get a piece of the commission (instead of the banks). So they can either build their own expensive server farms to be a part of the crypto-currency chain, or attackers can take over individual computers and servers, and use them for free. I was personally the victim of a crypto-mining malware incident. While my browser was sitting idly on, a new tab popped up with a request to update Adobe Flash. After closing the browser and rebooting, I was alerted by our administrator that Windows Defender ATP had detected that malware attempted install on my computer. I scanned the machine, but Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection already had removed it. Windows 10 and Defender ATP make a solid defense against crypto-criminals.


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