Seeing isn’t Believing…Believing is seeing…Or is it?

I know, I know…This line from the 1994 movie ‘The Santa Clause’ might seem ridiculous, but hear me out.


After years in a Change Management role, it still amazes me how so many clients invest in Organizational Change Management strategies, yet never really believe in the process. At Enabling Technologies, our OCM experts provide recommendations on OCM deployment strategies, much the same as our technical experts do. Yet, at the end of the technical engagement, we rarely hear…”Wow, that really worked.” Instead there is an implied expectation that the technical plan will be followed and garner specific results. What makes the investment in Organizational Change Management different?

The OCM plan and deliverables, such as planning and discovery session findings, pilot blueprints, communication plans and templates, training plans and training materials are just as tangible as a new piece of hardware for the technical engagement. In reality, the expectations of one should be no different than the other. Clients invest in expert advice to support both the technical and OCM deployment strategies, given this…should we not believe that if the plans are developed and followed they will allow us to see the expected results?

I recently spent more than six months with a client, carefully planning pilots, communications and training to support users in their transition to Skype for Business, only to hear at the end of our engagement…”You know, this really worked, people knew how the change would impact them, they understood why they were being asked to attend training and better yet, they actually attended training and left the sessions excited to begin using Skype for Business, and then DID IT, they used Skype for Business.” When we hear this, we are reminded that change management is a new concept for many of us in the IT space. But in this age of digital disruption, delivering successful change management services to users is just as critical as the technical aspects of a project. That being said, you should expect your change management strategy to deliver results. The client I reference here fully intends to continue leveraging Organizational Change Management in future technology initiatives because they saw the results and now believe in the strategy.

Where does your organization stand with the change management approach? Are you a believer, or a skeptic? Make no mistake, a strategic OCM plan will have a positive impact with project ROI and stakeholder satisfaction. So if you’re unsure what programs your organization has in place, or have doubts about the effectiveness, let our team help build a winning plan to make your next rollout a critically acclaimed success!

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