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Shed some light, and remove the shadow with effective Change Management

Shadow IT solutions are sneaking into organizations more frequently - and faster - than ever. Users are becoming more tech savvy and are eager to find solutions to solve their own needs, with or without the organization’s approval. We encounter countless organizations that share the every day struggles of these Shadow IT solutions and as a result are looking for solutions that support the needs of the entire organization rather than a specific individual, team or department. Regardless of the technology, a robust Change Management strategy is imperative to obtaining optimal user adoption and consumption of the technology.

Begin by ensuring success is defined and measurable, understand what shadow solutions are present (and can be replaced by the standardized technology) and identify dates for decommissioning their use.

Don’t hide behind the shadow, call it out. Effectively communicate the benefits of the IT approved technology and how it can support the user’s needs. Provide background information on the “why” behind the change and how it will impact users and offer consistency across the organization. Ensure there’s heavy focus on “what’s in it for me” (from the user perspective) content to make the communication meaningful and impactful.

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Don’t stop with communications, carry this strategic messaging and “what’s in it for me” content forward to end user training sessions. And please, don’t forget the curve. User adoption happens in different phases and cycles based on the user, this is why it’s key to offer ongoing change management support following deployment or migration. Ongoing change management services may be in the form webinar training, lunch and learn training or additional communications – be persistent in shedding the light to remove the shadow. With ongoing OCM you also have an opportunity to showcase enhanced or advanced benefits or features for those that adopted faster. All with an end goal of true user consumption…your greatest return on investment.

In short, the better our technology teams and our users understand the technology and our users, the more compelling our Change Management Strategy can be. Let Enabling help guide the way.

I want a Winning Change Management Strategy

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