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Skype Meetings Don’t Meet Anymore

After updates to Skype Online in May, have your meetings started opening in the Skype Web App even if you have the client installed?  After installing the Web App, have you noticed the “Use desktop client” button doesn’t work? 


We have the fix for you.  Connect via PowerShell to your Skype Online tenant and execute the following commands to switch your tenant’s default back to the client.


Let’s first verify this will work for you, verify your tenant is set to use the Web App:



Identity         : Global

DownloadTeams    : True

SfBMeetingJoinUx : SkypeMeetingsApp  <This is the Web App

Now let’s change it back to the desktop client:

>Set-CsTeamsUpgradeConfiguration -SfBMeetingJoinUx NativeLimitedClient

And verify the change has taken effect:



Identity         : Global

DownloadTeams    : True

SfBMeetingJoinUx : NativeLimitedClient



Allow up to 48 hours for the change to propagate fully.

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