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Skype Week Webinars

It's Skype week  -not to be confused with Shark Week!  Take a big bite out of your research time by attending! One or all of the webinars!


We know your time is valuable and want to save you research hours!  Our Jam packed Skype week includes everything from Skype versus Microsoft Teams to our Business Contact Center webinar and ends with Emergency Preparedness - a Skype for Business E911 webinar.  Here's a brief description of all. For further time saving - if attending more than one webinar just reply and we’ll sign you up!

Microsoft Teams vs Skype: what to use when - September 12th - 12 pm ET / 9am PT  - Microsoft Teams is a growing and important part of Microsoft's Office 365 Suite. If your organization is using Slack, HipChat, or even Skype for Business, this webinar will bring you up to speed on Microsoft's current capabilities, and enlighten you on how Teams and Skype are appropriately being used across multiple organizations.   Register Here!

Skype for business Contact Center Solutions Webinar - September 13th - 1pm ET / 10am PT -  Join Enabling and Enghouse Interactive to hear real stories from Skype for Business individuals and organizations that have benefited from using Skype for Business with Enghouse Contact Center Solutions.

Size doesn’t matter. Find out why UC Platforms such as Skype For Business can benefit companies of all sizes in various industries.  Register here!

Skype for Business E911 Webinar -  September 14th -  1pm ET / 10am PT - Will a 911 call placed from your organization route to the correct Public Safety Answering Point and include accurate location information?

Learn how West’s Microsoft-certified E911 solutions enhance the E911 location functionality native to Skype for Business, allowing you to keep your enterprise users safe while meeting E911 regulations. Register Here!

We are hoping one of these sessions grabs your attention as much as a Great White swimming with a Hammerhead!  Cheers, Elle 

Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.