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Skype/Teams Roadmap Posted

Microsoft’s first major roadmap update for Teams was posted on 10/24.  It answered many questions about future voice and meeting capabilities, and is in all, positive news.  They prefaced the roadmap with a high level marketing message.


Not only does it show features that will bring Teams inline in with Skype for Business Online:

  • Audioconferencing in 90 countries (4Q2017
  • PowerPoint upload/share (2Q2018)
  • AutoAttendants and Call Queues (2Q2018)


But it also shows features that bridge the gap between the cloud service and the on premises Skype Server software:

  • Call Park, Group Pickup, shared line appearances (4Q2018)
  • Video interop (through 3rd parties, 4Q2018)


Features still needing future explanation are nomadic e911 support, call center APIs, and details about hybrid scenarios.


The bottom line is that with rare exception, SfB feature development is done, but with Microsoft’s engineering resources all pulling to the Teams platform, innovation should meet and surpass that of Skype for Business sooner rather than later.  And for customers using SfB or in midst of a transition, Enabling backs Microsoft’s recommendation to “Use Skype and Teams side by side until Teams fully meets your needs” (p. 7).


Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.