Strong Change Management = Strong User Adoption

Capturing anonymous feedback from users is the most valid statistical data available in assessing the success of a strong Organizational Change Management program. We’ve seen so many clients invest time, effort and financial resources in a solid OCM strategy for a technical initiative and in the end either deploy only a portion of the strategy or in some cases none of the strategy. Another common misstep in Change Management strategies is failure to gauge or track user satisfaction.

In our many engagements, Enabling has identified a clear parallel in the application of a strategic OCM campaign and high user satisfaction. As we all know, high user satisfaction ultimately leads to true user adoption and consumption.

To ensure surveys are objective, we recommend leveraging a standardized scoring system such as Microsoft’s NSAT scoring system. NSAT presents users with multiple choice responses ranging from Very Dissatisfied to Very Satisfied. The total percentage of both ‘very’ and ‘somewhat’ dissatisfied are subtracted from the percentage of ‘very satisfied’ responses. 100 is then added to the calculation, and compared to the following scale:

 Change Management Customer Satisfaction Scoring


In a recent review of our clients’ surveys, we found that those deploying a strong change management program had user satisfaction levels just short of ‘World Class,’ with a score of 149.5, according to Microsoft’s NSAT scoring system, while those with no change management showcased an average score of 110 in the ‘Requires Action’ category.

This is proof that strong user adoption is a result of a winning change management program, and strong adoption leads to full return on investment.


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