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911 Expert Interviewed on Ray Baum & Kari's Law and Microsoft Teams

John Miller, one of our in-house Teams e911 experts, provides a summary of how organizations should handle these important FCC regulations. One of them is new, and due on 1/6/22.

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At 00:30, you can see the laws and what it is about 1/6/22 that makes things different.

At 02:15, you can see what the users will see once the Work From Home feature has been enabled in the Teams Tenant.

At 05:00, you can see what the largest time/effort to the *current* laws entail (mapping the dispatchable location in company/org-owned offices)

At 7:50, you will learn about an often overlooked aspect of Kari's Law, notifying another person in the organization when someone dials 911

At 9:45, you'll hear what the initial release covers and some practical solutions

At 11:00, you'll see a checklist of the things to do in order to comply.

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We hope this information was valuable to you. If you need a deeper dive, here’s John’s Dynamic 911 whitepaper in full for your viewing to answer any other questions of concerns you may have.

Teams Dynamic 911 and Dynamic 911 for Work from Home

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