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Teams Caller-ID Masking: Toll-Free Numbers

This is a workaround to assigning toll-free numbers to a caller-id mask policy in Teams.  

Assigning Toll-Free Number to a Teams Caller ID Policy 

According to Microsoft, there are three options available for outbound PSTN caller ID: 

  • The telephone number assigned to the user, which is the default. 
  • A telephone number that is classified as a service and toll-free number in your Calling Plans telephone number inventory. It is usually assigned to an organizational auto attendant or call queue. 
  • Set to anonymous. 

When attempting to assign a toll-free number within the caller-id policy of the Teams Admin portal, toll-free numbers do not show up as an option or in the list of service numbers available:  


To work around this, use Skype for Business Online PowerShell to assign the toll-free number to a new or existing caller-id policy. The user(s) assigned to this policy will be able to mask their caller-id as the toll-free number assigned. You can also decide if you want the user to be able to override or not.  

  • New-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity “NY Toll-Free” -Description "Toll-free number masking policy" -CallingIDSubstitute Service -ServiceNumber 18001234567 -EnableUserOverride $true 

You can assign the policy to a user as follows: 

  • Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity "User Name" -PolicyName “NY Toll-Free” 


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