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Tips for Navigating Ignite 2018

Headed to ignite in Orlando next month?  Here are some suggestions from those of us @ Enabling fortunate enough to have made multiple visits.  

  • Oversubscribe to sessions as there will be several in the same timeslot that you will like. Then you can prioritize which you think will be best and then as you sit in the session you can make a decision on leaving and attending another. This works best when the sessions are close to one another. Mark / register for everything that sounds interesting. By having them in your calendar, it’ll make it easier to go back and view the video recordings of the sessions you’d liked but missed, rather than scouring through the sessions from scratch again later.  
  • Choose 400 level classes as you’ll get the more technical information here. There will be information you here hear that may never appear in a blog or other forum so pay close attention. Most session are recorded and provide presentation material for download afterwards. 
  • Don’t be afraid to bounce out of a session if it’s not meeting the mark. 
  • Attend pre-day for deeper hand-on training.  
  • Sign up for sessions early so you claim your spot.  Some sell out. 


That said 

  • Leave *lots* of time to get between sessions.  The outdoor walk between pavilions is ~10 mins! 
  • There is a massive room where there is an open room (last year it was the dining hall) where there are big screens with many sessions going on at once that you can tune in with headphones. Sounds silly, but people that tried it liked being able to switch between sessions. 
  • The speakers also spend time on the expo floor, but they’re hard to find/pin down. Take advantage of speaking to them right after their session if you have additional/specific questions. 
  • Much of the value comes after the conference by downloading the slides or viewing the presentations.  


If you’re going, let us know so we can connect!  And enjoy the conference!

Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.

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