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Top 5 MS Teams Deployment User Adoption & Change Management Mistakes: Mistake #5 - Silo Workstreams & Service Ownership

This is, by far, my favorite conversation to have with customers as the realization of impacts from a siloed environment sets in. This discussion is far broader than simply Microsoft Teams – think big picture. Collaboration and communication services are becoming more closely intertwined and integrated every day – add in cloud storage services and you’ve now got overlap into the major O365 applications: Teams (Skype for Business), OneDrive and SharePoint. Although there is a need to have service owners for each of these services in some organizations, it is imperative that there is continuity and transparency among these service owner teams.

In any scenario, once you begin deploying O365, there will be overlap among these services. The integration and seamlessness of O365 is what we love most, it makes working with these tools a great experience for our users, but it’s also more important than ever for us to work together during implementations and deployments.

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In a perfect world, when considering Office 365, always start with an overarching vision of what the O365/Win 10 Modern Workplace looks like for your organization, users and customers. Incorporate that vision into every aspect of the individual deployments and schedule strategically. This isn’t always possible, but for the best possible user experience, implement in this order:

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Consider the ease for users to adopt the co-authoring, sharing and collaboration capabilities with Microsoft Teams if it’s simply a ‘new’ place to do it and the experience is consistent with their current tools. Understanding the ODFB and SPO integrations within O365 in advance of a Teams deployment will only make it easier for both you and your users.

Not ready to deploy Teams Voice? That’s ok, get your planning done and get users engaged in the process. Having a solid background in Teams collaboration and meetings means that when you are ready to deploy voice, it’s simply that, the final piece is put into place to help your users work in a single platform for all their needs…now including voice!


Work with our team of Cloud Computing Consultants who have done this so many times they know all of the “minefields” to prevent missteps.

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