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FCC Rule requiring support for dialing 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline

/ Author: John Miller

Lessons from my Data-Driven Organization

/ Author: Bill Smith, CIO Advisor

Migrating Intelepeer SIP Trunks to the new Platform

/ Author: John Miller

Azure Active Directory Connect 1.x to be Retired

/ Author: John Miller

Categories: Azure Microsoft

M&A Lessons Learned: M365 Tenant Consolidations

/ Author: Chris Stegh

Be Careful with Teams Voice Routing Policies if you are using Direct Routing with Calling Plans or Operator Connect

/ Author: John Miller

Making a 911 Test Call

/ Author: John Miller

Microsoft to drop support for some Teams Direct Routing Fully Qualified Domain Names

/ Author: John Miller

Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway

/ Author: Mark Brezicky

Microsoft Changes to Teams Direct Routing Sessions Border Controller Configurations - Changes needed by Jan. 3rd

/ Author: John Miller

Categories: Microsoft Microsoft 365

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