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Unable To Delete Mirror Database Lync/Skype for Business

While attempting to remove Persistent Chat from one of my client’s environments I came across an issue removing the persistent chat database MGC.  I could successfully remove the service from the persistent chat servers but when I got to the second step of the to do list I received the below error.


It appears this command only works if the server is present in topology.  I however did not want to attempt to add the server back to topology as this seemed counterproductive.   So, I attempted to run the uninstall-csdatabase command hoping I could just delete the databases from each server.  This did not work either.  I received an error stating this command could not be run against a mirrored database.  At this point I was ready to play hard ball.  I figured if I can break the mirror on the MGC database I then would be able to run the uninstall-csdatabase command.  To do this I logged onto the primary SQL server backend that housed the MGC database and ran the following query from SQL Management Studio ALTER DATABASE mgc SET PARTNER OFF.  I was then able to run the 3rd step of the to do list successfully (uninstall-csdatabase).  I then noticed the mgc database was still present on the 2nd previously mirrored SQL server.  From that server’s SQL Management Suit I ran this query RESTORE DATABASE mgc WITH RECOVERY.  After running that command, I was then able to run the uninstall-csdatabase command against the 2nd SQL server and remove the mgc database.

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