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What's the difference between Teams and Office 365 Groups?

One of our clients asked about this so I thought I would share what I found out! :) 

Teams and groups

In Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Teams is represented by a group resource. Both Microsoft Teams and Office 365 groups address the various needs of group collaboration. Almost all the group-based features apply to Microsoft Teams and Office 365 groups, such as group calendar, files, notes, photo, plans, and so on. The main difference between a team and an Office 365 group is the mode of communication between members. Team members communicate by persistent chat in the context of a specific team. Office 365 group members communicate by group conversations, which are email conversations that occur in the context of a group in Outlook.

The following are the differences at the API level between teams and groups:

Note: If you use the groups API in a Microsoft Teams app rather than in a standalone app - for example as part of a tab or bot running in Microsoft Teams - follow the guidance in the article Using Microsoft Graph in your Microsoft Teams pages.

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