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Why choose a Fractional CIO  Part 3 - Identifying and Eliminating Shadow IT

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Why choose a Fractional CIO to assist your Executive Team or Board of Directors?

“The key business benefit of retaining a Fractional CIO is that they provide the same expertise and capability of a full-time CIO without the associated level of overhead and benefits associated with adding another top-level executive.”

There are some key differentiators when contracting a Fractional CIO. In part three of this three part blog, I’d like to focus on one of those key differentiators…

Identifying and Eliminating Shadow IT

Shadow IT at its core is the use of non-governed technology within an organization. Generally, Shadow IT exists innocently because people need to get their jobs done and are striving to be efficient. However, from a compliance perspective, there are major concerns with Shadow IT. Unfortunately, the ramifications of Shadow IT can range from organizational embarrassment because of data leakage or breach, compliance issues which result in fines, and ultimately an unwanted court case.

In my experience, I’ve found that Shadow IT exists within organizations because of three common factors. The most common reason for Shadow IT is the lack of an organizational training and change management program. Secondly, the proliferation and use of personal devices in the workplace encourage Shadow IT. And finally, Shadow IT can exist because of a mis-alignment of technology with the needs and culture of the organization. If one or more of these conditions exist in your organization, you will find Shadow IT.

Here are some steps to take to eliminate Shadow IT.

  • Create an on-going training and change management program within your organization and ensure the program is fun for everyone. On-going training is essential to ensure your teams are highly skilled, highly efficient and working in tandem with the always evolving technology. The program will ensure your onboarding process addresses the need to ensure new staff know how you use the tools.
  • Effectively govern the use of personal devices with mobile device policies and provide a proper mobile device management platform. Effective device policy provides awareness and lays out guidelines for your organization to follow. An effective mobile device management (MDM) platform will enforce policies.
  • Finally, choose and align technology to best meet the culture and needs of your organizations. Does your organization need to collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders? Provide a technology platform that meets those requirements and is easy and doesn’t require hoops to jump through to use. Full circle back to training to ensure people know how to use the technology.

In summary, Shadow IT is an innocent attempt at being productive but has dire consequences for the organization. Do the right thing for your people and provide training, governance, and the proper technology platforms to ensure your organization rides safely in tandem. Reach out if you need assistance.



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