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Joshua Shoemaker /

Windows Hello (and Goodbye to Passwords)

Can you imagine getting rid of your passwords?  I can!  As a matter of fact, I don’t think I typed one today and I still had extremely secure access to my personal and corporate data. 

My passwordless day:  I woke up and grabbed my cellphone off the charger and reflexively pressed my finger to the fingerprint sensor.  Access granted.  I could have also used the facial recognition or iris scan capabilities of my Galaxy S9.  A typical morning, the first app I launched was Outlook mobile (in case anything caught on fire overnight) and I was prompted to authenticate.  A simple Mr. Index finger to the back sensor once more and I was securely into my corporate data.  Some of this may echo with you and your end users with smart phones, but what about my computer?  When I got to my desk I sat down, woke up my Surface Pro with mouse wiggle, and Windows Hello squinted at me briefly, recognized me, and logged me in.  Enabling’s Azure AD Connect/Single Sign On took care of the rest by passing my credentials in the background to all of the corporate solutions I use. 

So what?  Well, Windows Hello is a solution that can help organizations market Windows 10 rollouts to their users, after all who is not a fan of typing less passwords?!?  Depending on the current hardware capabilities orgs can explore USB video cameras that support Windows Hello to retrofit older hardware.  Ask yourself how many passwords you typed today and if you can imagine reducing your passwords and your users’ passwords while simultaneously increasing security.  Interested in learning more?  Check out this article:

It’s already here for some of us and closer than we think for the rest.

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